Access real and quick insights

Get quick insights
and make decisions

Truly automated end to end process with access to
a robust panel

The Piplsay advantage

Reach your
audience anywhere

Reach out to more than 5 million people globally

Save valuable

From questionnaire design to
consumer insights within a few hours

Deliver better

Leverage rich insights for
better decisions

How Piplsay helps you

Find gaps in information

Eliminate the guesswork

  • Discover new audience segments
  • Identify new consumer preferences
  • Find new variables for business ROI

Know early indicators

Stay market ready

  • Uncover the latest buzz
  • Assess business viability
  • Tap into shifting consumer trends

Get a bird’s-eye view

See the big picture

  • Understand consumer wants
  • Map sentiment trends
  • Get a holistic view of the market

How Clients use Piplsay

With Piplsay by your side, make informed decisions in less time - whether you are a product/service brand, a political party, a marketing/PR agency, or a startup

Market Sizing

Take the first step towards
assessing your market potential
  • Total market size
  • Consumer demographics
  • Competitors’ mind share
    & more

Market Penetration

Gain a deeper understanding
of your consumer base
  • Number of consumers and their demographics
  • Usage patterns
  • Types of use
    & more

Sentiment Monitoring

Get a quick indication of your
consumers’ sentiment
  • Attitudes and opinions
  • Preferences
  • Emotions
    & more

Brand Tracking

Stay one step ahead of
your competitors
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand perception
  • Brand loyalty
    & more

Concept Testing

Test your concept in just
a few hours
  • Product packaging
  • Logo/web design
  • Brand name
  • Marketing creatives
    & more

Ad/Movie Trailer Testing

Zero down to the best fit,
super fast, with Piplsay
  • Movie trailers
  • Music video
  • Television ads
  • Web / TV series
    & more

How Piplsay works

We combine the power of advanced data science and automation to deliver research data to brands, faster

targeted surveys

  • Text and/or Images
  • Single select and/or Multiple select
  • Grid questions

turnaround time

  • Reports in multiple formats such as Excel, SPSS
  • Less than 60 minutes setup time
  • Data results within 48 hours


  • No programming cost
  • Deploy anytime as per your need
  • Run on any device - smartphone, tablet, desktop

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