The Oxford vaccine race
How are Britons reacting to it?


of Britons feel optimistic about the success of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine trials


of Britons are less confident about receiving the vaccine amid doubts over its test results


of Britons are hopeful that the Oxford vaccine will become available towards the end of the year

AstraZeneca Plc and the University of Oxford’s announcement about their vaccine efficacy has fueled optimism across the world about bringing the pandemic to an end. This report delves into Britons’ opinions as the trial results bring both cheer and doubts in equal measure. Government agencies can leverage this data in their decision making

Within a week of AstraZeneca-Oxford’s vaccine team declaring their successful trial results, the UK government has asked the country’s independent medicines regulator to approve the vaccine for temporary supply. If authorized, the UK will be one of the world’s first countries to receive the COVID-19 jab. However, the vaccine remains shrouded in controversy, with questions raised over the test results that had a dosing error. With Britons first in line to receive the vaccine, how excited or doubtful are they about this latest development? Piplsay polled 8,039 Britons to get some insights. Here is a summary of what we found:

Other Insights

  • 61% of females are less confident about receiving the Oxford vaccine amid test data doubts as compared to just 31% of men
  • 62% of Gen Zers and 55% of Millennials think the Oxford vaccine will get regulatory approval by the end of the year
  • 54% of Gen Zers are worried about compromises in the vaccine development process as compared to 46% of Gen Xers

Survey Methodology: This Piplsay survey (powered by Market Cube) was conducted nationwide in the UK from November 27-29, 2020. We received 8,039 online responses from individuals aged 18 years and older.

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