The 2020 race
Will the trump card work again?

2020 is the year when Americans will be making an important decision - to choose or not to choose Donald Trump as their next President. With just 14 months left until the election day, the campaign for the top post has already kicked off, and it is only going to intensify as the days go by. The stakes are high, and so are the tensions.

However, it’s not just politicians who will be keeping a close eye on the American voters. The whole world will be watching too. After all, no other American president in the recent past has received the kind of global attention and coverage that Donald Trump has. Good or bad, it’s for them to decide. But what do Americans themselves think of their president? Are they happy with his leadership, or do they feel let down? Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) finds out*:

Close to 50% of Americans are unhappy with Donald Trump’s overall presidency, while only 28% seem to be satisfied with it. Interestingly, a good 25% of people seem to have no strong opinions about him. This number is also close to the percentage of Americans who don’t affiliate themselves with any of the political parties. While Republican and Democratic supporters mostly stick to their parties, it’s this ‘uncertain’ group of people who can help swing the election results either way.

The last two and a half years of Trump’s presidency have been eventful, to say the least. Though the government boasts a long list of achievements, including faster economic growth, job creation, tax cuts, trade deals, etc. among other things, more often than not, these successes were overshadowed by larger controversies. Be it the festering revolt within and against his administration, the Mexican border wall uproar and the resultant government shutdown, or even gripes with his own personal conduct. Not forgetting the biggest scandal of them all: that of Russia’s involvement in his 2016 presidential win. All these controversies seem to have had their individual impacts.

When given a list of presidential duties to choose from, most Americans (47%) claim to not like any aspect of Trump’s presidency, as opposed to just 20% of people who are happy with his governance. Among the factors they disapprove of, Trump’s character takes the top spot. His foreign policies come next, part of which are his stance on immigration and climate change - two issues that have seen countless debates and public protests. But these are also the issues that seem to have impressed an equal percentage of Americans (22%), most of who may be worried about crimes, dwindling employment opportunities, and job cuts.

Given Trump’s leadership style and some of his not-so-pleasant encounters with world leaders, about 50% of people believe that the country’s reputation, as well as its global relations, are on a downslide. The ongoing trade war with China may be the latest international discord to influence this opinion. Overall, it looks like Americans are ready to elect a new president. But then again, it’s the world of politics, where the only thing certain is uncertainty.

*Based on 22,500 online respondents

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