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The great American video war

The war is on for the crown of the content czar. Today, video streaming today is growing larger than ever before as entertainment transitions into the ‘on-demand’ form. With over a dozen frontline players already in the game and several others ready to join the race, the second such invasion, albeit a bigger one, after pay TV, has rocked the video space.

Video streaming platforms have redefined content as we know it, giving pay TV a run for its money. With the fantastic lure of ‘watch what you want, when you want and where you want’, they are fast becoming the primary entertainment destination for most Americans. With so much content and so many streaming players to choose from, which are the ones that Americans are most happy paying for?
Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) finds out*:

By bringing different genres and unique content under one roof, video streaming platforms are fast changing the rules of the games, making traditional tv viewing a thing of the past. Today, a whopping 76% of US homes subscribe to video streaming services, with more than 3 out of 10 people having subscriptions to at least 3 different platforms.

Netflix continues to be the big daddy of video streaming with more than half of Piplsay respondents seemingly glued to it. Known for its huge content library, innovating new programming, powerful recommendation engine and an ever-revolving roster of shows and movies, the video giant continues to march ahead of others, leaving hardly any room for catch up. Netflix can also be credited for introducing the concept of exclusive and original programming, especially web television series, which continues to be a big reason why people are jumping onto the video-streaming bandwagon.

Youngsters, in particular, are hooked to video streaming platforms and many continue to use it as their first and only source of entertainment. From watching movies to binge-watching their favorite shows, they are spending long hours enjoying the myriad of content, all at their fingertips. Even for those who don’t want to ditch traditional TV viewing completely, there are plenty of live TV streaming services like Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, etc that offer a perfect mix of both traditional and new-age entertainment. Television is also not as passe’ as some would like to believe. Despite being a smartphone-obsessed nation, it’s the good old TV that most Americans turn to for the best viewing experience. It is no surprise, then, that, the market today is flooded with media streaming devices that often come loaded with powerful features and technology.

By giving consumers the power of choice, video streaming platforms have dramatically changed the way entertainment is viewed and consumed today. Streaming, no doubt, is the future, and just about everyone seems eager to play their part - be it Apple, Disney, NBCUniversal or AT&T. As more and more Americans rid themselves of paid television, the video streaming war is only going to intensify. But for now, it’s a war that no one really seems to mind.

* Based on 19,500 online responses

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