Online dating apps
All the rage or burn-out?

Algorithms, statistics, data - these are not words one usually associates with matters of the heart. But they are exactly what’s helping millions of Americans find love or at least a date. The rules around dating have changed a lot with the app world being the new playground. So much so that a lot of youngsters today find it strange to meet someone in person before making an online connection.

Online dating has been around for quite some time but it was only in the early 2000s that the rage really caught on. The arrival of the ‘App’ culture later made it more popular, open, and accessible. Today, there are millions of members who are busy exploring the vast and diverse world of online dating. But given the online rush, are dating apps just as popular even today? And if so which are the ones that are keeping Americans on the go? Here’s what Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) found*:

By bringing together singles (or not) on a common platform, online dating apps help connect people who otherwise would have never crossed paths with one another. But they also come with their own share of challenges- the incompatibility, the lies, the catfishing, and the harassment. Besides, it can be quite exhausting just skimming through the countless selfies, bios and the underwhelming connections. Perhaps, this could explain why many Americans are slowly moving away from the swiping culture and seeking dates the old school way. The neutral experiences of a majority of Piplsay respondents also underline the scope for other alternatives like matchmaking services, dating coaches, etc.

For those loyal to the online dating scene, Tinder continues to be their go-to app. While the older working millennials are increasingly leaning towards in-person interactions, it’s the 18-24 yr olds who continue to remain fascinated with casual online dating. In terms of experience, women, in general, seem to have more bad experiences and less good ones on dating apps as compared to men. It, therefore, is not surprising that they also show the least amount of inclination in taking these relationships further.

Despite the challenges, there is no denying the fact that dating apps have redefined the concept of online dating, even making it universally acceptable. They are also constantly evolving, trying to give their users the best experience and the best possible matches. The war over love, hook-ups, and casual dating is already raging, and with big players like Facebook coming in, the game is only likely to get more intense. Americans’ need for companionship has certainly not changed over the years; the only thing that has is HOW they look for it.

* Based on 18,700 online responses

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