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Gifts, parties, shopping, and outings. What’s not to like about the American holidays? Barring, of course, the stressful planning, the exorbitant airline tickets, and sometimes even the family expectations! But even these challenges seem trivial and worth the time and effort, once the holidays come knocking at the door.

Today, everyone has different plans for the holidays, and everyone tries to make the best of the many available options at the click of a button or the swipe of a card. It’s a time of wild consumerism, but one that only a few seem to mind. Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) reached out to Americans* to find out what they like to do for the holidays, and this is what we got:

Christmas, no doubt is the most joyous of all holidays, with both adults and children eagerly awaiting its arrival. Though celebrations differ from place to place, there are a few traditions that remain the same - be it decorating the Christmas tree, opening presents together, or leaving cookies and milk for Santa, among other things. Same with Thanksgiving, where it’s all about the stuffed turkey and pumpkin pies. And going by the Piplsay survey, it looks like Americans continue to hold these traditions close to their hearts and follow them to this day.

But unlike before, where holidays were all about parties and barbecues with near and dear ones, Americans now increasingly prefer spending some quiet time at home. That’s not surprising considering how busy and demanding our lives have become. Still, that doesn’t mean socializing has taken a backseat, as visiting friends and family continues to remain a popular activity. So is taking a vacation, but with a different spin. The good old American road trip, with spontaneous plans and stops, has almost become a thing of the past, as more and more people go for several bite-sized vacations. Even those with longer vacations prefer flying out to their holiday destinations and enjoy hotel luxuries the whole time.

Interestingly, holidays also come with responsibility for most Americans, as a whopping 85% of people seem conscious of the social and environmental issues around them. That food waste tops the list comes as no surprise, considering that Americans on average waste three times as much food between Thanksgiving and New Years as compared to other times of the year. All in all, an additional 5 million tons of household waste is generated between these holidays alone each year, which in itself is a mammoth amount. But the good news is, Americans have begun to take notice and act on it too.

*Based on 22,000 online responses

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