Hollywood celebs as politicians
What do Americans think of it?


of Americans would support Matthew McConaughey and Dwayne Johnson’s run for political office


of Americans believe Hollywood stars can make good politicians with the right attitude and support staff


of Americans would like to see Angelina Jolie run for president, while 22% would prefer Tom Hanks

Over the past few months, Hollywood actors Matthew McConaughey and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson have shown keen interest in joining politics and taking up leadership positions in their new roles. This report delves into the public opinion around the latest political activism trend by Hollywood celebrities.

America may soon have a different breed of politicians – those with chiseled faces, fit physiques, global appeal, and a massive fan following. While 51-year-old Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is seriously considering running for Texas governor in the upcoming 2022 election, Jumanji star Dwayne Johnson is eyeing the US presidency. While their entry into politics will undoubtedly ramp up the X-factor, Hollywood’s tryst with politics is certainly not a new phenomenon. Celebrities have always been a part of the political discourse, voicing their opinions, endorsing candidates, and even jumping into the ring like Clint Eastwood, Shirley Temple Black, and Arnold Schwarzenegger did. As the gap between the two fields narrows down, how comfortable are Americans with the idea of Hollywood stars running for political office? Piplsay polled 30,138 people nationwide to get some insights. Here is a summary of what we found:

Other Insights

  • 40% of Millennials would support both McConaughey and Johnson’s entry into politics as compared to 37% of Gen Xers and 23% of Gen Zers
  • 35% of Millennials and Gen Xers think Hollywood stars can make good politicians as compared to 30% of Gen Zers
  • 51% of men and 49% of women believe celebrity opinions and endorsements influence public opinion
  • Will Smith is the most popular choice for president among both Millennials and Gen Zers, while Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie are top female choices for Gen Zers and Millennials, respectively

Survey Methodology: This Piplsay survey was conducted nationwide in the US from April 2-4, 2021. We received 30,138 online responses from individuals aged 18 years and older.

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