Celebrating Pride
How accepting are we of LGBTQ?


of Americans and 64% of Britons think Pride events help make society more accepting of LGBTQ community


of Americans and 45% of Britons want institutions to empower the LGBTQ community


of Americans support LGBTQ community and businesses as compared to 28% of Britons

Over the years, support for the LGBTQ community has grown stronger as countries legalize same-sex marriage and brands and celebrities openly voice their support. This report delves into the public’s understanding of Pride Month and their acceptance of homosexuality, bisexuality and different gender identities.

Pride Month is here, and unlike last year when celebrations shifted online due to the ongoing pandemic, this year has been a blend of both virtual and in-person events, with COVID-19 restrictions lifted across most countries. Participation in LGBTQ festivals, parades, and events has also been rising over the years as the community continues to gain acceptance from all quarters. Today, more and more countries are legalizing homosexuality and organizations are working towards LGBTQ empowerment while celebrities are proudly coming out as LGBTQ. Amid all the public acknowledgments, how are attitudes and perceptions changing on the ground, if at all? Piplsay polled 30,600 Americans and 9,114 Britons to get some insights. Here is a summary of what we found:

Survey Methodology: This Piplsay survey was conducted nationwide in the US and the UK from June 14-16, 2021. We received 30,600 and 9,114 online responses respectively from individuals aged 18 years and older.

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