2019 Movers and Shakers: Entertainment & Media Brands

With 2019 coming to end, Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) decided to ask Americans nation-wide about their favorite entertainment and media brands for the year. About 44,168 Americans participated in our survey and voted for their choices. Entertainment and media brands like Netflix, Spotify, Fox News, etc. can leverage this data in their decision making. A lot happened in the world of entertainment and media in 2019. While the streaming world ...

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Facebook Dating in US

Facebook dating: What is America’s Opinion Of It?

Facebook launched its in-app dating feature, called Facebook Dating, in the US this September. But with no aggressive marketing or positive press around it, how many people really know about this latest addition? Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) polled 21,242 Americans to find the answers. Industry giants like Tinder, OKCupid, as well as Facebook can leverage this data in their decision making. Seven out of ten Americans are on Facebook today, yet a vast ...

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The Tesla Cybertruck: What Do Americans Think Of It?

Tesla recently launched its new, all-electric Cybertruck, which comes with a completely stainless steel, bulletproof body. However, it received a lot of mixed reviews, from both auto-reviewers and enthusiasts. But what do ordinary Americans think about it? Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) polled 21,143 Americans nation-wide to get their reactions. Automotive brands, particularly Tesla, can leverage this data in their decision making. Elon Musk would probably not want to relive the ...

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Americans Want A No-Gift Christmas: But Many Still Out Shopping

Americans spent approximately $885 per person on Christmas gifts in 2018, the highest in recent years. However, rising expenses are also leading to mounting holiday debts. Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) surveyed 43,184 Americans nation-wide to understand this issue, as well as the latest trends defining Christmas this year. Retailers and big chains like Walmart, Target, and Amazon can leverage this data in their decision making.  Shopping for those perfect Christmas ...

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How ‘smart’ is your home? A peek into America’s preferences

Smart homes are touted to be the next big reality in America, especially given the interest and eagerness with which Americans have begun consuming technology. But just how popular are smart home solutions right now? Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) surveyed 44,616 Americans to find out the benefits and challenges of this quickly emerging technology. Home automation brands, as well as retailers, can leverage this data in their decision making. Despite the ...

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Black Friday Shopping: How Much Are You Overspending?

Black Friday is a major shopping event in the US, with Americans spending millions of dollars each year. Increasingly, Black Friday deals have started dropping several weeks ahead of the actual day itself. Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) surveyed 52,233 Americans to understand how this early shopping is redefining consumer trends. Retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc. can leverage this data in their decision making. Black Friday is almost three weeks away, ...

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Beer In Paper Bottles: What’s Your Take, America?

Beer manufacturer Carlsberg recently unveiled its paper bottle prototype at a Copenhagen summit. Given the increasing focus on sustainability vis-à-vis brands, the American media naturally took a lot of interest in it. But how are beer-loving Americans reacting to this announcement? To understand this, Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) conducted a nationwide study among 20,188 Americans. Beer brands, especially American ones like Budweiser, Coors can leverage this data in their decision ...

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For The Love Of Candy; What’s In Store This Holiday Season?

For The Love Of Candy: What’s In Store This Holiday Season?

Chocolate has traditionally been a favorite among Americans. However, non-chocolate candy sales are surging, and surprisingly brands are making it onto America's favorite candy list. Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) conducted a study among 102,079 Americans to understand how these changing consumer choices are reshaping the massive candy industry. Candy brands like Mars, Hershey, and Wrigley, as well as retailers, can leverage this data in their decision making. For an in-depth ...

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Back-to-School Shopping: What Do American Parents Prefer?

The new school year has just begun, and American retailers are all stocked up for this major annual event. School supplies have become a booming business, which is why Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) initiated research among 24,249 American parents to understand how consumer trends are shaping this massive industry. Offline and online brands like Walmart, Staples, and Amazon can leverage this data in their decision making. For an in-depth analysis ...

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