Facebook Shops: How excited are Americans about it?

As part of a major push towards eCommerce, Facebook now allows businesses to display and sell products on its platforms via its dedicated 'Shops' feature. This report ...

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Brands against racism: Does it impress the consumers?

The feverish protests following George Floyd's death have led to several top brands come out openly in support of anti-racism movements. This report delves into ...

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China’s changing perception: Here’s what Americans think

China has been at the center of a raging debate ever since the pandemic began, with many countries, including the US, accusing it of suppressing ...

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President Trump’s Tulsa Rally: What is America’s impression?

President Trump's election campaign rally held in Tulsa last month became a subject of much debate and criticism. This primary focus, however, remained the timing ...

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Telemedicine as an alternative: How keen are Americans about it?

Telemedicine or telehealth, despite being touted as the future of medicine, has had few takers over the years. But the ongoing coronavirus has become the ...

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Healthcare amid pandemic: What do Britons think?

The UK has been one of the worst affected amid the pandemic. With the majority of the population covered under the NHS, the public health ...

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State of education post-COVID-19: What do American parents think?

The coronavirus has pushed schooling on to remote platforms. But this short-term arrangement may result in several long-term changes as technology takes precedence over the ...

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Do you trust the media? Here’s what Americans have to say

The US media is known to be brave, outspoken, and even brazen at times. But as much as it has been lauded for its democratic ...

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Twitter vs. Facebook: Who’s winning the ideology race?

Twitter's decision to label President Trump's tweet for fact-check and violence created quite a controversy last month, resulting in the president signing an executive order ...

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