Are meal kits here to stay?
Here’s what consumers say


of Americans and 39% of Britons have tried a meal kit service at least in the past year


of American and 40% of British subscribers plan to continue using meal kits this year


of Americans and 69% of Britons believe meal kits cut down their restaurant visits

The meal kit industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years, thanks to growing consumer demand for convenient and healthy meals at affordable prices. This report delves into people’s opinions and the acceptability of this ready-to-cook phenomenon that is stirring up the food industry.

After witnessing steady but somewhat unstable growth, the meal kit industry saw a massive surge in sales last year as the pandemic forced people to shop online and cook more often. This drastic lifestyle change ramped up demand for time-saving and convenient cooking while also creating room for people to try out restaurant-style cuisines at home. But consumers are now returning to their regular lives, including shopping at grocery stores, many of which have their own range of diverse food offerings. Will these developments hurt the meal kit industry’s upward growth trajectory, or has it been successful in permanently altering consumers’ shopping and cooking habits over the past year? Piplsay polled 30,544 Americans and 9,100 Britons to get some insights. Here is a summary of what we found:

Survey Methodology: This Piplsay survey was conducted nationwide in the US and the UK from July 24-26, 2021. We received 30,544 and 9,100 online responses respectively from individuals aged 18 years and older.

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