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The 2020 US Presidential election is more than a year away, but the political buzz has already picked up the pace. Presidential campaigns and debates are in full swing, and election news is now a part of everyday conversation. In fact, the presidential race began quite early for a few candidates, including President Trump, who filed his nomination way back in 2017!

While politicians are enthusiastic about the upcoming election, and understandably so, how are American voters reacting to the current political atmosphere? Are they excited about it, or is it too early for them to think about elections? Piplsay (powered by Market Cube) finds out*:

They are not going to the polls anytime soon, but almost 60% of Americans are excited about the 2020 election. While the run-up to the 2008 and 2016 elections also generated similar buzz, thanks to Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s run for the top post, the anticipation this time is slightly different. That’s because Trump’s surprise win and his subsequent presidency have left American opinions highly polarized over the last three years. Naturally, a majority of people are eager to cast their vote and make themselves heard. But what’s also interesting is that about 44% of Americans are not sure about who they want to vote for, at least for now. While this number is big enough to give jitters to the main contenders, it also means presidential candidates still have the opportunity to reach out to the voters and make the right impression.

That people have begun to watch closely is evident from the fact that about 75% of people are keeping track of election news whenever possible. But they seem to be doing so with a lot of caution this time. The controversies that surrounded the previous election, like the Facebook data scandal and Russian meddling, have certainly made Americans wary about the information and news they receive now. But the sense of distrust created as a result of these revelations seems to be intact, as a huge majority of Americans (70%) continue to be doubtful about the integrity of the upcoming elections.

While past events will continue to influence voters, 2019 can swing the game for most candidates, and set the ball rolling for the presidential election. The next 14 months will see a myriad of promises, accusations, and counter-accusations gain momentum, but ultimately, they are part of the process that will help decide the fate of the candidates. For the voters though, it’s a game of wait, watch, and decide. The good news is, Americans are already on that track.

*Based on 22,400 online responses

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