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With millions of people at your disposal each day, the power is in your hands to access the insights you need.

  • A global target audience

  • Supercharge your outreach

  • Massively reduce the margin of errors

Create surveys with hand crafted insight recipes

Our market researches have curated a library of market research techniques that you can pick up and use straight away.

  • Drag and drop pre-made insight recipes

  • Build a survey in a matter of minutes

  • Use professional, time tested research methods

Real-time, analysed and disgestable insights

From the moment you launch your survey your insight story will start to be built, in a format that can easily be understood and shared.

  • Save time with pre-analysed insights

  • Showcase your findings through beautiful reports

  • Engage others and share your insight story

How it works

Tell Piplsay what you want to find out, and access curated market research techniques to access your insights.

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Using pre-built recipes access market research techniques.

Launch and share your insights

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